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Waves of wonder aboard Novamarine’s avant-garde yachts

What’s the first thing you’ll be doing when this pesky virus loosens its grip and the near-global lockdown is lifted? Our dream scenario would be to spend a day or two exploring untouched beaches and idyllic coves aboard one of Novamarine’s avant-garde yachts…

Offering everything from dinky dinghies to large, luxury day cruisers, the stunning yachts from the Italian manufacturer Novamarine are a happy medium for those who’d like to spend more time at sea without committing to a crewed superyacht. Built using avant-garde techniques and materials such as carbon-fibre and Kevlar, the Novamarine yacht’s high-sided hulls and tubular construction ensure maximum safety and stability, regardless of the conditions. They’re also cram-packed with state-of-the-art electronics, including software that allows the boats to be checked remotely. A number of the world’s coastguards employ Novamarine’s boats, such is their speed, safety and manoeuvrability.

Each of the aggressively styled yachts is entirely made-to-measure, personalised down to the last detail. Owners can choose from a variety of modern finishes, including stainless steel and techno-fabrics, which tread just the right the line between essential and elegant. And because of their low-draught construction, you really could explore the most beautiful shores on the planet and even moor up on the beach and head for a seafood lunch. Our pick of the expansive range would be either the Black Shiver 220, a 22-metre two-cabin day-cruiser that screams power and luxury and is controlled by a jet fighter-like centre console, or the sportier and more dynamic HD 120. The latter boasts three outboard engines kicking out 400HP apiece and can reach 52 knots. Happy sailing! 

Photos: Novamarine

You can find out more information about Novamarine’s range of innovative yachts by visiting its official website