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Smoke on the Water: Cigarette Racing 50’ Vision GT Concept premieres in Miami

For the fourth consecutive year, Mercedes-Benz’s AMG division has collaborated with Cigarette Racing to create a performance boat – this time inspired by the Vision Gran Turismo Concept car…

Named ‘Cigarette Racing 50’ Vision GT Concept’, the new boat is currently being shown to visitors at the Miami Boat Show, where it lines up alongside its four-wheeled inspiration.

It’s powered by twin 1650HP Mercury Racing engines, tuned to a higher state than their application in the 50’ Cigarette Marauder. Also weighing approximately 450kg less, thanks to the use of lightweight materials, the Vision GT boat has a theoretical top speed of around 140mph.

This unique concept racing boat has been valued at $1.5 million by its creators, although it’s not clear whether it’s available for sale.

Photos: Cigarette Racing / Mercedes-Benz

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