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Sail in complete serenity with this sleek electric yacht

The last thing you need accompanying your trip exploring the idyllic shores of your favourite country is the monotonous drone of an engine. Thankfully, this elegant new motorboat from the European company Q-Yachts is entirely silent thanks to its zero-emission electric motor…


While it’s all well and good spending the day anchored at the perfect spot on the shore of your favourite beach or in a picturesque cove, why shouldn’t the journey to said spot be as pleasurable? Q-Yachts asked the same question before building its latest boat, the fully electric Q30. Its new kind of propulsion system, dubbed the ‘Oceanvolt’, is both entirely silent and designed to minimise wakes. The entire sailboat is operated from simple and intuitive touchscreens at the helm, while the cabin below deck is surprisingly spacious. Add in a minimal and elegant ultra-hydrodynamic design and 40 nautical miles of cruising range, and you’ve got a particularly appealing and environmentally friendly sailboat ideal for those impromptu days of exploration and sun-seeking.

Photos: Q-Yachts

You can find more information about the Q-Yachts Q30 at the company’s official website.

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