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Prepare for life aquatic with Aston Martin’s Project Neptune

An Aston Martin doesn’t necessarily need to have four wheels — a concept the British company demonstrates with its new submarine project that will go into production in 2018…

It must’ve stunned Aston Martin when one of the most thrilling scenes in all the James Bond movies wasn’t when an Aston Martin emerged from the azure waters of Sardinia’s Spiaggia Capriccioli — but a white Lotus Esprit with ‘diver's fins’. In order to ensure that England's most famous agent — and its wealthy imitators — doesn’t have to change brands for dives, Aston Martin has teamed up with submarine manufacturer Triton to build a sleek underwater vehicle for private use, named Project Neptune. The production model, which will go under water this year, promises a depth of 500 meters, 360-degree views for one pilot and two passengers, a maximum speed of five knots, and numerous customisation options from the company's own Aston Martin Q department.

Photos: Aston Martin