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Cruising Lake Garda with the Frauscher 747 Mirage

As luxury day cruisers go, the 747 Mirage by Austrian yacht-builder Frauscher is exceptionally pretty. Said to take direct inspiration from supercar design, it couldn’t look more at home than it does in the stunning surroundings of Lake Garda…

The 747 Mirage’s long, low nose, exaggerated lines and big side air-intakes are features clearly suggestive of land-based automotive design. The lady in the video certainly seems fairly smitten with the boat (or could it be the chap who hands it over?) as she thrashes it round Lake Garda. With up to 430HP available from the range of engines, it’s fair to say it’ll go like a supercar. And with an on-board fridge, Bluetooth connectivity and loads of storage space, it’s also highly versatile.

We admire the way the piano-black body contrasts with the teak decking and tan leather, reminiscent of Sixties Italian Grand Tourers. There’ll be no wet cushions following a dip in the Med, either, thanks to the gangway that admits access to the cockpit – how sophisticated. The 747 (denoting its length in centimetres) is priced from 117,900 euros (ex. VAT), and is available in a range of colour combinations. Customer deliveries are scheduled to begin in 2015. 

For more information on the 747 Mirage, visit Frauscher’s website. You can find more luxury day cruisers in the Classic Driver Market