Be the envy of your anchorage with the dual-purpose Wally 93

In the automotive world, there’s always been demand for a car that can comfortably cruise in style yet also transform into a performance weapon at the drop of a hat. Now-renowned yacht maker Wally has built the 93, which does just that on the water…

Jekyll and Hyde

Melding a wonderfully clean design with cutting-edge nautical technology, the Wally 93 is a remarkable marriage of form and function. It features a new deck layout that expertly hides the central cockpit from view, creating a high level of privacy and a simplistic aesthetic that complements the yacht’s racing-honed and streamlined architecture. If you’re after a yacht that offers heart-stopping performance by day and dignified cruising by night, the Wally 93 is a marvel of the sea. You and your guests certainly won’t be missing that early dinner reservation in Cannes.

Photos: Wally

You can find further information at the Wally website, and find a broad selection of modern and classic yachts for sale in the Classic Driver Market.