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Aston Martin’s latest design project is sure to make waves

In an official collaboration with the British car-maker, Netherlands-based yacht-builder Quintessence has designed a powerboat inspired by Aston Martin’s sports cars. This is no dead-end design study, however – the fully sanctioned production version will be on the water later this year…

This isn’t the first time we’ve come across an Aston Martin-badged boat, as some of our most loyal readers might remember. However, while that was merely a conceptual study by a freelance designer, the Quintessence AM37 is the real thing – it has the Gaydon seal of approval, having been designed in consultation with Aston Martin, and will become a physical reality before the year’s end.

Power, beauty and soul at sea

At present, only three semi-teaser images have been released, but Aston is apparently providing potential new owners with ‘more details of the new project on a strictly confidential, one-to-one basis’. For now, we’ll have to make do with the promise of a high-tech composite structure, interactive voice control, and a high-definition touchscreen navigation and multimedia system.

Photos: Quintessence

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