10 elegant wooden boats that will change your maritime life

Is there a better place in which to leave behind the stresses of everyday life than on the deck of a classic wooden yacht, rocking gently on the waves? With these 10 timeless sailing and motor yachts, you can instantly fulfil your dreams of a more relaxed life…

Whether you’re more of the sporting type, who likes to hang off the ropes on a classic sailing regatta, or someone who simply wants to glide over the waves aboard a vintage Riva, a wooden boat is just the ticket to please the water gods. Even in the harbour, they steal the attention from the most expensive and gaudy plastic tubs — what’s more stylish than those lovingly polished wooden planks shining in the evening sunshine? Even those without a boat or a sailing license but who are enthusiastic about classic cars, historic motorcycles, or mechanical watches shouldn’t deliberate long on these sylvan sailers — timeless elegance can’t stay hidden for long. You can find a broad selection of wonderful wooden sailing and motor yachts in the Classic Driver Market or, alternatively, see our 10 favourites below. 

10 wooden boats you could immediately take to sea