Ferrari F430-Engined Speedboat: The ‘Prancing Seahorse’

Well-known powerboat racer Eugenio Molinari brought something special to the deep waters of Lake Como in 2007. As a celebration of a life spent at full throttle on the water, he built a Ferrari-powered racing boat and used it to break two world water speed records.


Named the Freccia Rossa (‘Red Arrow’), the boat benefited from 490bhp courtesy of a slightly modified Ferrari F430 V8. By varying its weight with ballast, the Freccia Rossa competed in two classes for the flying kilometre. In the 1100kg division Molinari managed an average of 123.3km/h. Suitably ballasted, and now running in the 1450kg class, the boat still achieved an average speed of 122km/h.

As a passionate Italian (and Ferrari fan), Molinari dedicated his feat to the company’s 60th anniversary, and Ferrari supremo Luca di Montezemolo.

Photos: Eugenio Molinari