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When the Going Gets Tough

Developing a new supercar is a long and expensive process for any manufacturer, never mind a small start-up company. And now is not exactly the best time… But back in March 2005, Arash Farboud Designs produced the styling drawings for a car which would one day become the AF10. In March 2006, Arash Cars – based in Sawston, near Cambridge – was established, to bring the car to fruition.

The drawings of the car’s stirring lines were converted into computer models and aerodynamic CFD mesh models and a fabulous silhouette emerged, clearly taking styling cues from modern Ferraris. The chassis was then designed over a six-month period by Ashley Gaunt, and further work done to create the bodywork and choose the engine: a 7-litre GM unit, with an estimated power output of 550bhp at 6000rpm. Arash Cars felt a GM engine would be reliable, plus there’s an excellent supply of parts and backup from GM UK. And 550bhp should be enough to propel the AF10 from 0-60mph in around 3.4 seconds.

This is a tough time for the performance marques and one can only wish the very best of luck to Arash Cars, which intends to manufacture many of the AF10’s components in Sawston, due to such low anticipated volumes. An estimated 25 cars per year will eventually be manufactured, with a small number being delivered to the US market in LHD format; or that’s the plan, anyway. They still have a very long way to go. And at over £172,000, they might have a job convincing today’s beleaguered buyers to take a gamble.

When the Going Gets Tough When the Going Gets Tough

Text: Classic Driver
Photos: Arash

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