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Small diameter, big personality: Meet the Unimatic Model Cinque

Renowned for their approachable styling and meticulous attention to detail, Unimatic have returned with their smallest watch yet, the Modello Cinque.

Since its foundation back in 2015, Italian designers and product connoisseurs Giovanni Moro and Simone Nunziato have ensured their watch brand Unimatic stays true to the roots they set from the beginning: aiming to create beautiful watches that are as durable as they are stylish, and to always keep quality standards at their peak. Their brand looks into the past, whilst maintaining one eye firmly on the future of watchmaking and sustainability, and their latest creation, the Modello Cinque, is a worthy showcase of just how the brand has retained those values. 

As Unimatic’s first watch to measure 36mm, it allows its wearers to fall back in love with the feeling of wearing a smaller wristwatch. Although the diameter is smaller, the case features a large dial opening with an angled rehaut, which, when combined with the oversized crown and curved lugs, creates a cohesive profile that is both comfortable and flattering to almost all wrist sizes. On top of the impeccably crafted features we mentioned, above all the watch has been designed to be subtle; to blend in rather than smack onlookers around the face with its flashiness. 

The brand’s design approach is centered on purpose and utility, packaged in a clean and modern layout that is always respectful of the user and of the true meaning of a timepiece. The Modello Cinque is now available to order from the CD Shop.