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This is the only chance you’ll ever get to own a real Moon watch

If you think the Omega Speedmaster was the only wristwatch ever to be worn on the Moon, you’d be wrong. On Apollo 15 in 1973, astronaut Dave Scott wore a Bulova Chronograph during his time on the lunar surface. Now that very watch is being offered at auction…

An unrepeatable opportunity

Carried onboard Apollo 15 by Commander Scott as a back-up timepiece, this Bulova Chronograph was used during the third extra-vehicular activity (EVA) after Scott’s primary Omega Speedmaster lost its glass dial. It was subsequently worn for the rest of the mission, including re-entry and splashdown. As such, the watch boasts a wonderful patina, and dust from the Moon’s surface can be clearly seen, particularly in the strap, which was used on all three EVAs. It allegedly played an instrumental part in the mission, as the third EVA was particularly time-critical, being the final excursion before lift-off and rendezvous with the Command Module.

The only actual ‘Moon watch’ in private hands (every Omega worn on the Moon was retained by the State), it will be offered by RR Auction at its online Space and Aviation Auction, taking place from October 15-22 2015, estimated at what we think is a conservative 50,000 US dollars. This really is an unrepeatable opportunity to own not only a piece of space history, but also a piece of the Moon. And for the person who’s got everything, presents don’t come much better. 

Photos: RR Auction