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Inexpensive watches for individualists from the Fellows auction

A true ‘classic driver’ should have enough self-confidence to occasionally go to the office in a Smart car or on an electric scooter, and leave the classic Aston at home; after all, ‘valuable’ is rarely synonymous with ‘practical’. The same theory should apply to his watch…

Of course, we all like a vintage Rolex, Heuer or Patek. But let’s be honest: wearing horology’s greatest hits day in, day out can prove to be problematic and, dare we say it, a little unoriginal. The sale catalogue for the forthcoming Fellows auction on 17 August in Birmingham has pleasantly surprised us: among the hundreds of cheap watches, some of which have estimates equating to the price of a G&T in Mayfair, there are some interesting examples to be found – whether you use them as a conversation piece, or a summer holiday watch you don’t have to worry about damaging or losing. Plus, wouldn’t a week spent wearing a plastic Swatch or G-Shock make that Daytona feel all the more special?

Inexpensive watches for individualists