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Former Audi designer Satoshi Wada creates watch for Issey Miyake

During his time with Audi, Satoshi Wada earned his place in automotive history with design studies such as the Avantissimo and Pikes Peak Quattro. Now, the celebrated designer has created an automatic watch for Japanese fashion label Issey Miyake…

In addition to the ground-breaking concept cars that never came to fruition themselves (but did inform the 2004 A8 and pivotal Q7 SUV), Wada also brought the first-generation A5 and third-generation A6 to production. Now in charge of his own studio, he’s expanded into other areas. His recent Issey Miyake W Automatic watch is reminiscent of his minimalist designs for Audi, with a 45mm case and a simple black dial, whose outer edge is available in either white or black with red markings.