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Channel your inner Knight Rider with the Bulova Computron reissue

Forgot yellow-gold Rolexes – if you were a somebody in the 1970s, or at least you wanted other people to think you were, you rocked a digital watch. There were no rules during the quartz crisis, which led to ‘chunks of funk’ such as the Bulova Computron, a reissue of which has just been released…

Kitt not included

Glam rock, concorde, and computers – the 1970s was nothing if not an exciting decade. With its trapezoidal case finished in either polished steel or plastic, a traditional bracelet, and a bold LED readout, telling the time had never been so exciting than with the Bulova Computron. Perhaps inevitably, these quirky and futuristic timepieces were soon deemed tacky and consigned to the history books. But Bulova, which today makes affordable watches in a variety of styles, has chosen to reopen said books and rerelease the Computron. It’s available in three colour combinations – gold and red, silver and blue, and black and red (Knight Rider style!) – and has been updated to include a dual time-zone feature and the date. It’ll be available to purchase in the autumn, priced from just 295 US dollars. 

Photos: Bulova 

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