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Bonhoff introduces a new complication in time-telling

With its new IP3.0 wristwatch, independent German watch brand Bonhoff has come up with a novel, if rather convoluted way of telling the time…

Let’s twist again

The rather tediously named timepiece is the brainchild of mechanical engineer-turned-master horologist Hannes Bonhoff, and is actually a lot more interesting than its name suggests. To tell the time, the wearer must rotate the bezel twice – first aligning the large circles to get an hour reading, and then matching the smaller ellipticals for a minute reading. “You have to work a little to get the time on the IP3.0, which maybe makes you appreciate it more,” Bonhoff, who sold his Berlin apartment to finance the project, said recently in an interview with Wallpaper magazine. Other quirky design features include a 3D leather strap that, by making lugs redundant, not only makes rotating the bezel easier, but also continues the simple yet intriguing design theme of the watch. Not one to wear during a hectic working day, perhaps, but it would certainly spark conversation at a dinner party. The IP3.0 retails at €4,300.