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The 10 watches we’d bid on in Phillips’ Hong Kong watch auction

Phillips’ Hong Kong auction’s taking place on 28 November and it has a selection of 167 remarkable timepieces we’d like to take home in our carry-on. The catalogue includes a million-euro Patek Philippe, as well as affordable collector watches from Rolex, Heuer, and Omega. Here are our favourites…

Hong Kong has long been an important place for vintage watch collectors — after all, the city is the main hub between China and the world market. So, needless to say, everyone is looking forward to Phillips’ fifth watch auction in Hong Kong, taking place on 28 November. The star of the auction is one of the most desirable Patek Philippes on the market — the legendary 1953 world time model, which is likely to bring between 10 and 20 million Hong Kong dollars (converted between 1,090,000 and 2,180,000 euros). But don’t be put off by this number, as there are some great watches in the auction — even at the lower end of the price range. The entire catalogue can be found in the Classic Driver Market.

10 watches we’d bid on from Phillips’ Hong Kong sale