Watches from Anonimo

A word that means 'anonymous' in Italian is an unlikely starting point for a brand in the world of luxury timepieces, where 'name is all'. However, Anonimo is building a following among collectors and high-performance sports enthusiasts for something genuinely out of the ordinary.

Watches from Anonimo Watches from Anonimo Watches from Anonimo

Professionale Crono
Militare Crono

Founded in 1997 by ex-Salvatore Ferragamo executive Federico Massacesi, Anonimo combines a long tradition of Italian watchmaking with high-calibre Swiss movements to produce a range with many unique features. Examples of Anonimo watches have seen action many metres under the sea, diving for the lost treasure of the Polluce - a steamer that sank off the island of Elba in 1841 - as well on the wrists of sailors competing in Transpacific 52-foot yacht racing.

Watches from Anonimo Under the experienced eye of legendary Italian watch designer Dino Zei, Anonimo has turned many familiar design features around for better functionality and practicality. As just one example, the winder on several models can be found on the left, so that more frequently used chronometer buttons can be accessed on the right of the case. For ocean-racing chronometers, the countdown starts at 1 o'clock, rather than 12 - for easier visibility.

The massive helium release valve on some of the watches means they can withstand a pressure of 200 Atmospheres, while the patent jointly owned by Anonimo for the Kodiak process calfskin makes sea swimming in a leather strap a reality. While high-grade stainless steel is the material of choice for much of the range, some of the watches are also available in bronze, OX-PRO (a highly durable 'black' finish proved to withstand wear and tear over time), and steel and gold.

And finally, with winders seen on both sides, Anonimo has one last trick - the mounting of the various Militare and Zulu models' crown is at 6 o'clock, thus allowing the watch to be worn with comfort on either arm, as well as affording extra protection from knocks.

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Watches from Anonimo Also available from Anonimo's London agents, Timepieces, is a new winding box. The 'chequered flag' design will appeal to Classic Driver readers and is handmade in Sorrento, Italy, using traditional marquetry techniques. Power is provided by a German MTE motor.

If in constant use, the box has a battery life of 3 months, although a mains adaptor is available. As everyone knows, a mechanical automatic watch needs to be 'exercised' to keeps its working parts in order - as well as preparing it for immediate use with the time and date always correct.

The 9x15.2x13cm box rotates its charge 360 degrees every 1-2 minutes, when the watch is returned to vertical and can be viewed through the glass case. It is priced at £675.00 plus postage & packing and can be ordered direct from Timepieces. It is also available in light brown/white.

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Text: Steve Wakefield
Photos: Anonimo / Timepieces

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