Wally Wallyship: Steady as She Goes

Wally has discovered the art of ‘slow sailing’. The latest super-luxury motor yacht from Wally is not what you’d expect from the Italian master yacht builder. Instead of speed! and power! there’s a gentle propulsion system for a more relaxed journey.

Compared with previous motor yachts from Wally, the latest Wallyship is specially designed not for pure performance but for the quality and flexibility of onboard life. The company’s founder, Luca Bassani, said: “We are well known for our performance yachts. Nevertheless, we have succeeded to develop a product that carries the indisputable Wally signs of ‘improved functions’, combined with a contemporary and clean style.”

Two sizes are offered, 26 metres and 36 metres, and both feature broader and more stable hulls (10 per cent wider than similar yachts), a higher freeboard to improve the seaworthiness in rough weather, increased interior space and a lower centre of gravity.

To a knowledgeable observer, the latest Wally looks like a modern interpretation of a Polar expedition vessel of the past. The generous size allows three decks to be built with ample space for living, leisure and storage. Guest and staff accommodation is on the lowest deck, the main deck has a totally glazed area for the ‘Wally inside/outside living concept’ and two ‘master’ living spaces, while the top deck is reserved for a large sunbathing and lounge area. A large ‘garage’ for tenders is housed amidships.

The new Wallyship is powered by engines tuned to run at particularly low revs. With minimum vibration, little noise (under 50dB) and low consumption, the heavy-duty engines are under-stressed and therefore offer long maintenance intervals and a restful voyage.

The first 26-metre Wallyship will be delivered by the Ancona shipyards in spring 2011. Prices start at 4.5m euros.

Text: Classic Driver
Images: Wally

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