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Vault Brands

Whereas most areas of the house – from living rooms to kitchens to bathrooms – are subject to ever-changing fashions and styles, one area of the home tends to remain largely untouched by the design gurus: the garage. Yet there is no reason why the humble garage shouldn’t be more than a simple storage area for your cars; it could instead be a haven where you can indulge a passion for automobiles.

Vault Brands was the idea of Chad Haas, an American sales and marketing executive, who searched in vain for top-quality fittings and furnishings for his garage. Seeing an untapped market, Haas left his job and added his personal savings to a small business loan with the aim of creating an entirely new category of professional furnishings. His combination of functional cabinetry and elegant designs for ‘the luxury garage’ were an instant success.

Vault Brands Vault Brands

The company now offers a complete range of custom-made fittings – everything from industrial floor coatings to stainless slatwalls to period-authentic signs, plus carriage-style doors and a wide range of furnishings. Individual items of furniture can be ordered or, just as professional interior designers have been doing for decades, Chad Haas’s Oregon-based company will look at the existing garage premises to ensure each centimetre of space is utilised, and the ‘garage architect’ will exchange ideas with the customer to generate a total design package.

Vault Brands Vault Brands
Vault Brands Vault Brands

Vault Brands is more than used to dealing with special requests: such as storage within the garage for hunting equipment – or a sideboard with integral Humidor for the owner’s cigars. Anything, in fact, that the owner needs to create his perfect garage.

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Text: Charis Whitcombe
Photos: Vault Brands

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