What’s a dream car without matching travel luggage?

Progress has made traveling faster, but not necessarily more stylish. How beautiful it once was to tie down your leather suitcase, matched in colour to your sports car, and set off over the mountains…

If you’re gonna do it, do it right

Once, the fitting suitcases for one’s Bentley, Bugatti or Rolls-Royce were made to measure with tradition-rich leather shops such as Louis Vuitton or Goyard. Later, manufacturers such as Aston Martin and Ferrari themselves began to produce suitable luggage for their GT sports cars – with space on board somewhat limited, it had to be filled not only efficiently, but also handsomely. Today, as the art of style-conscious travel has fallen into oblivion, and the sports bags and plastic cases are stacked in the Grand Hotel's luggage rooms, there are only a few top-tier automakers who provide their customers with appropriate luggage. But, fear not, rakish travellers — just look to the Classic Driver Market, where there are ten dream cars complete with wonderful travel cases to discover.

10 dream cars with stylish travel luggage