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Travel in style with these vintage suitcases

Distant lands and legendary hotels – for those who lived during the early Twentieth Century, travel was still a great adventure. We’ve found 12 classic suitcases in the Classic Driver Market which would certainly have some tales to tell…

The golden years of travel

The golden years of travel are long gone but the glamour of that cosmopolitan era, when you could decipher the history of a traveller by the numerous hotel stickers on his leather suitcase, still resonates with us deeply to this day. You can still find the cases at auction houses or antiques dealers – elegant items from Hermès or Louis Vuitton, plastered with stickers from the Waldhaus in Sils Maria, the glamorous Lutetia in Paris or the infamous Shepheard Hotel in Cairo, once branded the ‘second worst hotel in the world’ by Mark Twain. The following 12 well-travelled examples from the Classic Driver Market have seen their fair share of the world and should inspire some wonder in their new owners. Who knows where they’ll travel next? 

12 suitcases with which to travel in style