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The Ecocapsule renders the term ‘uninhabitable’ null and void

Ever wished you could make a new life in a remote location, but take your house with you? With this new self-sustaining ‘Ecocapsule’ from Swedish firm Nice Architects, that far-fetched fantasy could become an off-grid reality…

The world is your oyster, quite literally

The culmination of a seven-year project, Ecocapsule is a compact, low-energy living space that can be transported to even the remotest locations, whether by trailer or shipping container. Each capsule is designed to comfortably accommodate two adults, with an abundance of smart storage space for sports or research equipment (or alcohol). Water and electricity are made available through the built-in wind turbine, solar panels and a rainwater collection system; as a result, the Ecocapsule boasts household amenities such as running water, a toilet, and a hot shower. A high-capacity battery provides backup for times when Mother Nature is at her least charitable.

Prices for the Ecocapsule will be announced when the order books open in Q4 2015, with first deliveries commencing in early 2016. Several customised versions are set to follow shortly afterwards.

Photos: Nice Architects

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