Total Authenticity - the new GT40

"The most accurate and authentic re-creations of the iconic Le Mans winning GT40s available today" is how one of the UK's distributors, Rod Leach, describes the latest cars from High Tech Pty, and UK readers will be able to see two examples at the forthcoming NEC Classic Car Show and MPH06 Earl's Court shows.

These cars (a Mk I and a Mk II) have just arrived in the UK this week from the same South African manufacturer who makes the awesome Shelby Daytona Cobra Coupé, tested this year by Classic Driver.

They are constructed with a totally exact, replica steel monocoque chassis and more than 90% of the cars' other parts are directly interchangeable with the 1965/6 originals.

So accurate in fact, that they are licensed to be officially called GT40s, and will carry continuation GT40P Chassis Numbers. They also have the option to be built to F.I.A. specifications, and should therefore be granted F.I.A. and H.T.P. paperwork.

Roush built and 'blue-printed' Ford V8 road-race engines of 5.5 to 7 litres capacity and 420 to 560bhp power output are fitted, plus a re-manufactured, original-style ZF RBT transaxle. The Mk I model has BRM type wheels, and the Mk II has Halibrands, with either Avon ZZR or Yokohama Avid tyres. Air-conditioning is a standard feature.

OPTIONS INCLUDE: Mk I or Mk II (as in above photo) bodywork, with or without 'Gurney bubble' for the driver. Right-hand or left-hand drive. There is a free choice for body colour(s), with or without stripes and roundels etc.

Fully completed GT40s are available from £85,000 + VAT (£99,875), UK-registered, 'On the Road', and with full warranty.

Both versions will be displayed at the Classic Motor Show at the N.E.C. Birmingham from Oct. 27/29 on Stand 4T24 (Nostalgia from Rod Leach) alongside a Shelby Daytona Coupé and an original AC Cobra or two. Then all will be off to Earls Court for the MPH06 Classic Show from Nov. 2/5 on Stand CS20/1.

For further details please contact Rod Leach on +44 (0)1992 500007, or email [email protected] or [email protected] .

Rod Leach’s Nostalgia has specialised in the sale of AC Cobras for many years, and its current stock can be viewed on Classic Driver HERE

Editor's note: Classic Driver will be amongst the first UK media to test one of these cars. Initial reports of the performance available with the Roush 402 IR (6.6 litres) engine are quite outstanding.

We cannot wait.

Text: Classic Driver
Photos: High Tech Pty, S.A.

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