T.27 Electric Car from Gordon Murray Design

A practical solution to all-electric motoring came one step nearer this week, with Gordon Murray Design’s detailed announcement of the T.27 – a ‘pure electric drive’ follow-up to the company’s tiny, petrol-powered T.25 city car.

The T.27 concept follows the layout and geometry of the T.25 – a miniature MPV with six possible internal layouts.

Working with its powertrain partner, Zytek Automotive, Gordon Murray Design has produced a T.27 concept which claims a range of 80-100 miles – making everyday motoring a possibility – while 0-62mph in ‘less than 15 seconds’ is more than adequate for urban use. Top speed is said to be around 65mph.

T.27 Electric Car from Gordon Murray Design T.27 Electric Car from Gordon Murray Design

But of course it's the eco-credentials which are all-important. While, as an all-electric car, emissions at the point of use will be zero, a UK energy mix projection suggests 48g/km of CO2 for the combined cycle. And, says the company, full lifecycle CO2 damage will be 42% less than the average UK car.

Now that the details of the concept have been announced, the company is seeking partners and funding for UK manufacture. “A UK partner or consortium to produce the city cars in the UK would keep the technology at home and could create 6000 jobs,” they say.

Text: Charis Whitcombe
Photos: Gordon Murray Design

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