Swiss Killer Whale

‘Orcinus Orca’ is the Latin name for the Killer Whale. Its intentions are clearly apparent; a merciless monster. The new sports car company from Switzerland has the same aspirations as its aquatic namesake, uncompromising performance in its own environment.

Launched at this year’s Geneva Salon by the company’s owner René Beck , the car’s nomenclature is derived from "C" for coupé, "1" designating that it’s the first model, and "13" for good luck, it being Beck’s personal lucky number. There may well be an "R" for roadster version in the future.

The MTM-optimised AUDI V8 engine produces 650bhp and coupling that with a weight of only 850kgs means the car can reach 100 km/h from standstill in under 3 seconds, 200 km/h achieved in only another 8.5 seconds. Maximum speed is beyond 360 km/h - enough to catch the fastest fish in the world.

Text: Classic Driver
Photos: Orca

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