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Stockinger - Safety First Class

Stockinger - Safety First Class "Uncompromising quality combined with individuality" is the phrase used by one of the world’s finest safe manufacturers. And don’t expect to find all their products hidden behind an Old Master on the wall - they are on display as a work of art and unique piece of furniture, while all the while protecting your valuables.

After the death of founder Hans Stockinger in 2003, the company was taken over by Dominik von Ribbentrop, and today’s ‘safety with style’ products have been developed to the point that their stylish presence in a living- or bed-room encourages greater use, therefore giving greater protection for the family’s valuables.

The special construction results in a high-strength product (nine times stronger than steel by virtue of stone inserted under high pressure between panels of steel armour plate), that’s lighter weight allows installation throughout a house or apartment block. Internally the safe is sumptuously appointed to the client’s specification with leather, fine woods and velvet trays, while outside it can have the colours and finishes that match, complement (or contrast) with the location’s interior design.

Entry to you Stockinger is achieved by the high-tech ‘Stocktronic’ input module. An electronic keypad that is the intelligence centre controlling communications between the inputter, the safe’s lock, and the security network to which it is linked. It not only opens the safe, but also automatically communicates with the outside world what is happening within its environment.

Several models are available as a starting point to bespoke finishing. Take the ‘Chimera’, a 615 kg model with an internal volume of 171 litres. The standard cabinet is produced and delivered in a black gloss varnish or any other RAL colour. The customer then has the opportunity to choose a different finish in every available colour scheme to his or her liking.

The ‘marbled’ finishes are of a particularly high quality, such as the exquisite cabinet displaying the natural finish of Lapislaszuli. Stockinger have perfected the art of reproducing these finishes through years of experience, and can offer clients a wide range of diverse colours i.e. ruby red and emerald green, also including wood graining. The entire interior of the cabinet is produced with gloss polished and sealed, chrome-plated, or brass finishes. This effect is again reflected in the door elements and operating drawer.

Subject to the client’s wishes, Stockinger can also engrave any coat of arms, family crest, company logo or name on the inside the door.

Stockinger Safety First Class GmbH
Amiraplatz 1
D-80333 München

Tel: +49 (0) 89 24210456
[email protected]

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