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Stockinger for Bentley

Stockinger for Bentley "Our passion is to manufacture the ultimate safe: as secure as a bank, as precise as a prestige timepiece, as beautiful as art." So says Dominik von Ribbentrop, CEO of Stockinger, manufacturer of some of the world’s most desirable bespoke safes.

Now, the company has announced a partnership with Bentley to create the ‘Stockinger for Bentley’ range, a limited-edition run of 400 safes reflecting the standards of design, engineering and craftsmanship inherent in Bentley cars.

Combining secure technology with sleek, designer looks, the range encompasses two products. First, a watch safe, the ‘Arnage’, equipped with state-of-the-art watch winders for your most precious timepieces. Since Stockinger has been integrating watch winder technology into safes for more than 20 years, it’s little wonder that the winder runs almost noiselessly, while the leather linings and brushed aluminium interior finish, along with the glossy seven-layer lacquer, suggest the luxury typical of a Bentley.

Stockinger for Bentley Stockinger for Bentley Stockinger for Bentley

The second safe, designed to store jewellery, is the ‘Continental’. It has six separate trays, with a finish on the drawers and door that’s identical to the texture of a Bentley dashboard. This finish is created through a labour-intensive process known as engine turning, and is traditionally found in the racing cockpit of a Blower Bentley. This is the first time the engine turning technique has been applied to the interior of a safe and it ensures beauty, while liberating your jewellery from the depths of a bank vault.

The Arnage is priced at 125,000 euros, the Continental at 115,000 euros, both net of tax. See

Text: Charis Whitcombe
Photos: Stockinger

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