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Put down the keys to the Bimmer, it’s time to experience a Dimma

While German super saloons from the early 1990s are the hottest ticket items right now, it’s important to check out another region, most notably France, because this Peugeot 309 GTI 16V Dimma Compresseur heading to Aguttes' upcoming sale might just be the coolest thing we’ve seen in a while.

Creating a car that followed the small but mighty Peugeot 205 is perhaps one of the hardest tasks that the French powerhouse face in the early 1990s. The versatile hatchback became an instant hit, proving itself just as adept on rally stages as it was navigating Parisian side streets.

Seeking to bridge the gap between the 205 and the family-friendly 405, Peugeot took over Talbot’s prototype for a small, boxy saloon, and immediately saw the potential for a racier version. By 1987, the 309 GTI was born, offering a slightly more spacious alternative to the iconic 205 GTI. Much like its sibling, the 309 GTI quickly proved itself out on the rally stages, and was widely used in the Gr. N and Gr. A disciplines.

While many enthusiasts were getting their 309s down and dirty, others wanted their GTI to turn as many heads as possible, which is where Dimma came in.  Bought new in 1993, this example was briskly sent to the Belgian design house to be given an entirely new look. It left the workshop with a unique wide bodykit, a Matter roll bar and those insanely cool 16-inch split wheels. Dimma didn’t just change the looks, they gave the engine some loving too, most notably a Opcon compressor, an upgraded ECU and more powerful Schrick camshafts. The result is a punchy 240 horsepower, an impressive figure considering its low weight and short wheelbase.

While pre-merger AMGs and low volume Alpinas enjoy their time in the spotlight, models such as this 309 GTI Dimma make those German saloons seem as mass produced as your everyday hatchback. It’s believed this is the only 309 GTI Dimma in existence that was fitted with the compressor system from new, with all paperwork and invoices confirming its pedigree. Displaying just 12,800km, this is a true piece of 1990s royalty, and we’ll eagerly await its final sale price as it goes under the hammer at Aguttes' upcoming sale on October 15th with an estimate of E UR 40,000 to 45,000.