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Porsches to flood the streets of Wrocław as Luftgekühlt returns to Europe

The now world-renowned Southern Californian mecca of air-cooled Porsche goodness Luftgekühlt is moving the party to Europe, with Poland set to host their first event, taking place on the 14th and 15th of June.

The name has almost attained the same level of distinction as the podium-claiming, turbo-spooling, sleek-shaped Porsches the event showcases, and after taking the title for the most aesthetically pleasing car event around, Luftgekühlt now has its sights on Europe, with Wrocław's Dworzec Świebodzki,  an abandoned train station turned community space kicking things off in June of this year.  

If you’ve somehow managed to miss out on the Luft buzz, allow us to bring you up to speed. It’s the brainchild of two-time Le Mans winner Patrick Long, along with Southern California’s own Howie Idelson as creative director. After years of searching for a car event that ticked every experience box to no avail, Patrick and his friends decided they’d create the event they were longing for themselves. 

With its first event now a decade ago in 2014, Luftgekühlt has continued to grow year on year, driven by the love of new perspectives and environments designed to showcase some of the world’s rarest and most significant Porsches. Alongside these iconic factory-spec unicorns, Luftgekühlt is known for spotlighting home-grown builds from one of arguably the strongest brand communities in the automotive industry.   

Thousands of hours go into scouting for the best locations, often places that have never felt the rumble of an air-cooled motor whirring away. Universal Studios, Lumberyards, and Naval Bases have all been used to create some of the most photogenic backdrops the internet has ever seen, which is the main catalyst to Luft’s consistent successes. Wrocław is a city bursting with culture, community, and colour, serving as the perfect nesting ground for the Luft team to bring together a European community that continues to grow each year. The sheer variety of Porsches on display makes this event truly unlike any other, creating a cohesive environment for all to enjoy, purely for the love of the brand and its creations, both new and classic.  

If you can’t already tell, we’re pretty excited to immerse ourselves in the smell of petrol and pierogies, having embraced the party in previous European Luftgekült editions that included Munich and Bicester Heritage in Oxfordshire. Taking place on the 14th and 15th of June 2024, Porsche and photography enthusiasts alike will get to witness automotive gems from the Porsche Museum, Porsche Classic, Singer, Club De Ultrace and Hel Riders against never-before-seen backdrops, making for a truly unique couple of days in the Polish sunshine. 

As we draw closer to the event, we’ll be bringing you further updates, but to secure your place be sure to head to the Luftgekült and act quickly, as tickets sell out quicker than your average 911’s 0-62mph time! 





Photos: Stefan Bogner for Classic Driver © 2018