Herbert Grönemeyer's 911R is the ultimate singer-songwriter Porsche

This extraordinary Porsche 911 R belonged to legendary German singer-songwriter Herbert Grönemeyer. Now he is selling it. One does not have to understand.

Admittedly, even we don't really always know anymore when a man is a man. Nevertheless, at least some of the answers Herbert Grönemeyer once gave in his cult hit Männer seem to have a certain timeless validity: "Men dig like stupid." It says. Or: "Men have it hard, take it easy / Hard on the outside and soft on the inside." And: "Men are always ready / Men captivate with their money and their nonchalance." 

So, how do we now make a segway from money and nonchalance to the rather exclusive and expensive Porsche 911 R? Whew! No idea. Anyway. To be honest, it's not the point of the story at the moment. The story goes like this: around 2015, Walter Röhrl and Porsche engineer Roland Kussmaul think a little freely, aim for a weight of fewer than 1,400 kilograms for a current 911 (991 series) and want to do without a wing. Walter Röhrl then drives the prototype on the highway around a few fast curves very quickly (at around 305 or 306 km/h) and feels quite good about it. The birth of the 911 R. In super-fast sports car short form. (Read the whole interview with Walter Röhrl about the 911 R in rampstyle No. 23 - Me again)

And as it happens, when Walter Röhrl feels good in a 911, soon other people want to feel good, too. The demand automatically exceeds supply. Not every man gets one. However, one vehicle went to Berlin. The vehicle registration document and the vehicle title speak a clear language: the first owner of this Porsche 911 R of the 991 series is a gentleman with the last name Grönemeyer, first name: Herbert Arthur Wiglev Clamor. The line for the first names is just enough on the official document of the vehicle registration. The vehicle was delivered on December 5, 2016, first registered on December 14, 2016, with the registration number: B - R 9991.

Grönemeyer didn't drive it too much. Barely 3,000 kilometers in just under five years. The condition of this 911 R is that of a new car.  

A look at the details of the configuration is more revealing. The first thing that stands out is the color. Officially, the 911 R was only available in white (solid) or GT silver metallic. Grönemeyer ordered a slate gray shade (code 789) as a unique color. This was not possible as a matter of course. A few more arguments than just money had to be listed here. Other extras include a fuel filler cap in aluminum look, bi-xenon front headlights with black surrounds, a fire extinguisher, seat belts in silver, a trim control switch panel carbon, and trim for the center console in carbon. In addition, of course, the ceramic brake system with yellow calipers also catches the eye. A crucial question in a vehicle for Herbert Grönemeyer is, of course: what kind of sound system is installed? It's the Bose surround sound system with twelve speakers including an active subwoofer and center speaker integrated into the body. "8-channel amplifier with 445 watts of total power. BOSE Centerpoint 2 and Surround Stage technologies enable the system to play stereo sources in surround mode. AudioPilot Noise Compensation Technology ensures a consistent, balanced sound image across all driving conditions," is how BOSE then describes it. Sounds good. So the system, not just the text about it.    

Why Grönemeyer is selling this 911 R after all, we don't know. Because honestly, there is no better 911 to drive - or to paraphrase another Grönemeyer song: He'sonly making music when he's driving loud. 


This article by Tom M. Muir was first published in RAMP magazine. The photos were taken by Matthias Mederer for ramp.pictures. 

Herbert Grönemeyer's Porsche 911R is offered for sale with Ande Votteler in the Classic Driver Market.