Special Edition, Double DVDs of 'Grand Prix' and 'Bullitt' Offer


Special Edition, Double DVDs of 'Grand Prix' and 'Bullitt' Offer If you haven’t already got a copy of the two, seminal 1960s films, now’s the time to order ‘Bullitt’ and ‘Grand Prix’ for the special price of £9.99.

And even better, the distributors have teamed up with the Classic Car Club of London to offer the free rental of a 1960s Mustang for the weekend for the lucky winner of a prize draw.

‘Bullitt’ needs little introduction, being the story of policeman Frank Bullitt’s mission to counter high-level corruption and The Mob in 1960s San Francisco.

Starring Steve McQueen, it features the famous car chase with Bullitt’s Highland Green fastback Mustang up against a black, sinister Dodge Charger. You can guess who comes off worse.

‘Grand Prix’ is long regarded as the best motor racing film. Shot over the 1966 Grand Prix season with Formula 3 cars doubling for proper F1s, it contains much genuine race action and has cameos from Graham Hill and other GP stars. James Garner is the hero, 'Pete Aron', an American driver returning from accidents and ill-fortune. In real life, Garner was a very handy driver and sports car entrant who was one of the few to be unfazed during filming when towed at very high speed behind the cut-down GT40 camera car.

The film is famous for director John Frankenheimer’s split-screen production technique.

Special Edition, Double DVDs of 'Grand Prix' and 'Bullitt' Offer Special Edition, Double DVDs of 'Grand Prix' and 'Bullitt' Offer

Both DVDs are the latest edition, double-disc sets with bonus features and extras galore.

IMPORTANT! - Compatibility and format:

Please note, if you're outside Europe you'll need to play these back with a multi-region DVD player or on a computer - these DVDs are region 2, PAL. The good news is that means the quality is even better than NTSC, etc. The even better news is that, if you're outside Europe, you won't have to pay VAT; so the offer comes at an even more advantageous price.


To order the double-DVD sets at the special price of £9.99 plus shipping, please visit www.spiritlevelfilm.com and at the checkout enter the coupon code CLASSICDRIVER03.

For those entering the Mustang rental prize draw, please visit the special microsite HERE. You will need to enter the coupon code CLASSICDRIVER03 at the checkout for any purchase at the special, Classic Driver, price. Competition ends 31st March. No purchase necessary, all participants must be over 23 years old and hold a full valid driving licence. Rules and Regulations apply.

This is a promotion via a third party - please note Classic Driver’s standard terms & conditions apply.

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