Spada TS Codatronca: Monaco Launch

It’s official: the Spada TS Codatronca design study will be made. And potential purchasers can place their orders at this year’s Top Marques Monaco exhibition that starts on the 24th April.

The ‘TS’ stands for Turismo Sportivo, and the new car will have more than 600 horsepower with track-level handling and safety equipment to match. The concept car, previewed on Classic Driver last year, was based on a Corvette chassis and featured the sharply abrupt, ‘truncated’ styling made famous by Italian designer Ercole Spada. He was, of course, the man behind some of the most successful Zagato designs of the '60s: the Aston Martin DB4 GTZ, and Alfa Romeo SZ, TZ and TZ2.

The modern company is run by Ercole’s son, Paolo, with input from Ercole himself. The cars will be manufactured in a limited series by SpadaVettureSport (a company created by SpadaConcept) in cooperation with an industrial partner, the FS Group, a firm based near Turin, which has already made prototypes for Mercedes, Smart and Land Rover. No prices have yet been announced.

Text: Classic Driver
Photos: SpadaConcept

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