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A Sound Soulution

Audiophiles constantly in search of the ultimate listening experience could find it in the ultra-high-end products of the Swiss audio specialist, Soulution. The company offers a series of impeccably engineered amplifiers and a CD player whose quality demands the listener’s serious attention.

While in search of that elusive perfect aural experience, sound connoisseurs Cyrill Hammer and Roland Manz decided that many of the audio products at the top end of the market didn’t meet their makers’ extravagant claims of quality. Consequently, Hammer and Manz founded their own company, with the aim of building the perfect hi-fi system. The result is the Soulution 710, 721 and 740. Behind the numbers lie a potent power amplifier (710), a pre-amplifier (721) and a CD player (740).

Through technical ingenuity, they succeeded in their goal of achieving sound purity – as testified by numerous awards from international specialist audio publications, including the Grand Prix award given to the 710 by Japanese magazine ‘Stereo Sound’.

The allure of the Soulution system extends beyond technical brilliance: in 2006, the system won the coveted Red Dot Design Prize. Not surprisingly, there’s a price to be paid for such perfection – in total, the three components cost around £48,000.

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Text: Charis Whitcombe
Photos: Soulution

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