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Something for the weekend

Having made the designer 'DJ Case' for up-market record-spinners worldwide, French luxury goods makers S.T.Dupont have turned their attention to man's even darker side, making a discretely bespoke leather case that carries the requisites for a thoroughly unhealthy evening amongst like-minded friends.

Four fairly Deadly Sins are catered for in the coated monogram canvas-covered travelling case, made in the style and raison d'etre of the 'secret' trunks of the turn of the 19th century. When the main panel is opened, the two clasps reveal the offending objects: four whisky tumblers and a decanter by Baccarat, a mini humidor for cigars, cigarettes, a lighter, cigar cutter, secret drawer, two sets of cards, four dice, chips, and a games set.

S.T.Dupont has added to the casino atmosphere by using polished palladium plate for the shelves and drawers, a material also used in the protective metal corners of the case.

The somewhat selfish (but highly enjoyable) experience of ordering a totally personalised, made-to-measure travel trunk that only S.T.Dupont knew how to make was started when the company came into being over a century ago. Anything was possible and no two trunks were the same. To satisfy the slightest desire, S.T.Dupont used all kind of ingenious and unusual tricks of the trade. Luxury goods, leather goods, trunk manufacturing, lacquering, precious metalwork, furniture making - each trunk involved a combination of different crafts.

No doubt the customer had as much pleasure in designing his or her own travel trunk, planning storage space and secret drawers, as in finally owning, after a long wait of several months, a unique object destined to travel across oceans and time itself. You could ask S.T.Dupont for anything, and the company built its reputation on this rare quality.

The Vice Case costs in the region of 9,900 EURO. For more information please visit

Text: Classic Driver
Photos: S.T. Dupont

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