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The Snake and the Stallion

"I spent a whole lot of time with Richard on this and he’s really nailed it. Got all the right people, from Dan Gurney to Lee Iacocca. It’s a wonderful, wonderful story and I’ve never seen anybody tell it better. I’m very proud to have been part of it."

So says the great man himself, Carroll Shelby, about Richard Symons and Spirit Level Film’s epic double DVD, The Snake and the Stallion. This is the story of the battle between Enzo Ferrari and Carroll Shelby – the might of the Prancing Horse versus ‘a bunch of Southern Californian hot-rodders’ – and it’s a story to rival the most colourful in motorsport’s history.


Whether you favour the might of the Cobra or the more delicate elegance of the 250 GTO, this DVD is surely a worthy addition to your Christmas wish-list, featuring original interviews, archive footage of the races and newly filmed reconstructions using the actual cars (Ferrari GTO, 250 SWB, Cobras and Daytona Coupe).

The Snake and the Stallion The Snake and the Stallion

The DVD took 10 years to create and Spirit Level Film claims, probably with good reason, that it’s the most comprehensive film ever made on the subject. (But if you crave even more detail, you could always download the full transcript of the film-maker’s six-hour interview with Caroll Shelby from the Spirit Level Film website...)

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Text: Charis Whitcombe
Photos: Spirit Level Films

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