Smoking Hot: Stiff Pipes

If you’re going to smoke, you might as well do it without compromising your ‘cool factor’ – that’s what the people over at Stiff, the Swedish product design company, seem to think. Now the company has launched a piece of peculiar, plastic hardware to meet the smoky demands of any serious pipe puffer…

Finally a tobacco pipe that you can be proud to puff in public – and which matches that tweed suit of yours. Thanks to the Swedish designer duo of Jukka Viitasara and Karl Berglund, you can now indulge your guilty pleasure without having to worry about losing your street cred. The Stiff pipe, entirely coated in polished thermoplastic and equipped with a briar wood tobacco chamber, is said to be the first of its kind. Available in three minimalistic colour schemes, these quirky little pipes are set to light anyone up, tobacco-user or not.

Allegedly, the Stiff pipes also smoke as good as they look. The new pipe incorporates some quite impressive technology that not only allows for a better draught through the pipe, but also promises to refine the taste of the tobacco, making it even richer and smoother.

Smoking Hot: Stiff Pipes Smoking Hot: Stiff Pipes
Well, granddaddy, move over – plastic is the way to go these days. And dare we say this well-crafted pipe is so attractive that it might make even the most ardent non-smoker consider picking up this bad manly habit...?

For 800 euros it can be yours to enjoy. So go ahead, puff away.

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Text: Laura Leivo
Photos: Stiff