Sleeping Beauty Nº3: Porsche 928 GTS

Introduced in 1977, the Porsche 928 was years ahead of its time – a true luxury GT with a powerful V8 engine mounted up front, driving the rear wheels. The ingenious suspension, including the famous Weissach back axle, endowed it with rewarding but safe driving characteristics.

As a ‘Sleeping Beauty’, our recommended model is the 350bhp GTS which was launched towards the end of the 928’s production history. The 1992 Model Year, in which the GTS appeared, saw a change in direction for the 928. It had been seen as a rather soft option for some years, but suddenly the GTS was uncompromisingly sporting thanks to its firmer suspension, increased performance and more purposeful styling details.

The 1992 928 GTS represented the last form of the original 928 theme. Slightly obsolete in some respects by then, it had nevertheless become a true driver’s car, with real character. At long last the 928 had been turned into a sophisticated bruiser of a muscle-car and that’s why we see it as a collector’s car with strong potential now.

With its glorious 5.4-litre engine producing 350bhp, top speed was 170mph and 0-60mph was on in 5.4 seconds. Its overtaking ability was stunning and the GTS felt a generous, big-chested motor car which was magnificent at speed yet docile in traffic. Fuel consumption, however, was likely to be between 14mpg and 20mpg. With only 2831 of these fabulous cars made, production ceased and the last 928 GTS models were sold in 1995.

Look only for well-maintained low-mileage versions, preferably with a full history of official Porsche workshop servicing. Make no mistake here, as a high-mileage 928 which has not been correctly looked after will be very expensive to put right. Buyers in the UK should not be put off by left-hand drive. Times have changed and a steering wheel on the ‘wrong’ side is no longer seen as a disadvantage in the UK, at least in investment terms. It should be possible to find a good 928 GTS from 25,000 euros but the very best will fetch more than that.

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Text: Classic Driver
Photo: Porsche

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