Singer Porsche 911

Restored; reimagined; reborn. So states the strapline of Singer Vehicle Design, creator of the Singer 911. This is “no mere imitation, clone or retro hot-rod, but a re-interpretation and rebirth of the early performance-focused 911s,” we’re told.

Singer has taken what it believes to be the best elements from the air-/oil-cooled 911’s long history of production, such as the ‘chic of the long hood pre-’74 race specials’, and the engineering durability of the later cars.

To create the Singer, any longer-wheelbase 911 (1969-89) is stripped to its shell. The original wheelbase, A-pillar position, roofline, suspension mounting and transaxle mounting points are retained – but that’s all. The donor car is then reinforced via stitch-welding and the addition of a lightweight integral backbone structure, increasing torsional rigidity – which is further enhanced by a carbonfibre second skin.

Next, the suspension is converted from torsion bars to the Macpherson strut and Carrera SC rear trailing arm with coilover set-up, as seen on classic racing 911s. The car’s stiffer shell can now exploit the adjustable settings of the Moton dampers with remote oil reservoirs and Eibach springs.

Electric/hydraulic power steering is used in place of the original ZF rack and pinion, which Singer says “maintains the vital 911 steering feel and feedback while helping quicken the steering reactions”. Brakes are 4-pot Brembo and the wheels are ‘period-evoking’ Zuffenhaus, lightweight, five-spoke, three-piece forged aluminum.

But what about the engine? The Singer 911 uses the most evolved air-/oil-cooled unit from the 993, but enlarges it from 3.6 to 3.82 litres. The large-bore, short-stroke powerhouse can spin to 8000rpm but, it’s claimed, offers a broad, flexible torque curve.

The engine is managed by a Motec M800 ECU which also adds launch control, traction control and data-logging, and there’s a choice of two states of tune. ‘Luxury’ gives you 360HP with a broad torque curve, while ‘touring’ offers 425HP and 340lb ft of torque. Either way, the transmission is a six-speed Getrag G50 transaxle with close-ratio cogs and limited-slip differential.

Singer Porsche 911 Singer Porsche 911

The Singer 911 boasts a front lip spoiler (reducing front-end lift by 12 per cent), and a speed-sensitive rear spoiler which retracts into the body (first seen on the 964). Singer has made extensive use of carbonfibre panels and Kevlar honeycomb, keeping weight low. Hence the 425HP version can claim 0-60mph in 3.9 seconds, 0-100mph in 8.5 seconds, and a top speed in excess of 170mph.

Inside, the mix of new and classic continues with an original 911-style instrument cluster featuring all-new gauges. Singer has gone for a spartan, race-focused feel by having no carpets but a dark racing green leather trim, with re-engineered classic 911 Recaro seats. Meanwhile, you can have air-con, sat nav, an iPod interface and even Bluetooth connectivity. Plus, of course, there’s a MOMO steering wheel – a new interpretation of the company’s classic ‘Monza’.

Singer Porsche 911 Singer Porsche 911

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Text: Charis Whitcombe
Photos: Singer

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