Scaglietti al dente

Spring is approaching and it will soon be the time when the average Ferraristi, finding his two-seater a little short of space, considers one of the bigger models from Maranello for that essential picnic set and cool bag. Traditional four-seater Ferraris are no normal saloons, yet for some enthusiasts of the marque they represent a ‘softer’ side to the Prancing Horse. For them, German tuner Novitec Rosso has the answer – the company’s version of the 612 Scaglietti.

It’s less the small increase of 15 HP than the number of carefully chosen modifications to an already highly effective car that makes the Novitec-tuned 612 so outstanding. Emphasis is placed on improved handling and this is achieved by way of modified suspension and wider wheels that give the effect of suction to the road. The handling characteristics are simply phenomenal.

Scaglietti al dente Scaglietti al dente

In order to make the car ‘stop’ in the same proportions as ‘go’, Novitec have modified the braking system to give better stability and downright stopping performance. In addition, from a visual standpoint their 612 will differ from its regular production brothers because of its black-tinted rear lights, and these, in collaboration with the wider wheels and tyres, give the car a ‘meaner’ look.

The extravagant appearance is rounded off by the increased size of the rear exhaust pipes that not only releases a little more power but also makes it quite clear to onlookers that this is no ordinary Ferrari four-seater.

Text: Sven Jürisch
Photos: Novitec Rosso

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