The Road to Lake Como

La Vita é Bella: Taking a Ferrari 458 Spider to Bellagio

The Ancient Romans often headed to Lake Como in summer, to spend a little leisure time on the Bellagio peninsula. We have revived that tradition – aboard the latest Ferrari Spider. more >>

Riva Tritone: Una Bella Figura

Cars from around the world will be included in RM's 140-lot Villa Erba auction on Saturday but, to some of the longer-standing residents of Lake Como, one particular offering will represent a familiar sight. It's a very special boat: the 1960 Riva Tritone Special is a one-off which was ordered in 1960 by exacting Como industrialist and faithful Riva patron Achille Roncoroni. more >>

Villa Serbelloni: The last of the classic 'Grand Hotels'?

What would a traveller have experienced, spending a summer on Lake Como in the Roaring Twenties? We can’t turn back time, but a stay at Villa Serbelloni will bring you as close as you can get. more >>

Classic Driver Concours d'Elegance: Best of...

With one of the calendar’s best-known concours about to commence on the shores of Lake Como, we decided to hold our very own, albeit with a slight twist: our ‘Best in Class’ beauties are all currently for sale. more >>

Buy your ticket to Goodwood or Pebble Beach at RM’s Villa Erba sale

Ownership of the ‘right’ car brings you more than the car itself: it opens the door to unofficial membership of an exclusive club, potentially granting you insider access to the world’s greatest events. So which car might you select from RM Auctions’ 25 May Villa Erba sale as a possible ticket to the best gatherings? more >>

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