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The RL-CF1 Carbon Fiber Chair

Inspired by the streamlined beauty of his own McLaren F1 race car, Ralph Lauren leads design into a new age of technology and beauty with the introduction of the RL-CF 1 chair. Formed from the same high tech fiber that shapes Formula 1 race cars, this sleek chair features fifty-four layers of tissue carbon laid by hand to form a dramatic cantilevered frame which supports a chic black leather seat and back.

The RL-CF1 chair was introduced in Fall 2003 and as part of an initiative to continue to use carbon fiber in his home collection. Mr. Lauren introduced the dining version of this chair, shown upholstered in Chocolate Tottenham Suede, as well as an occasional table featuring Crotch Blond Mahogany for Fall 2004. Both pieces exhibit the cantilevered frame of the RL-CF1 chair, again mixing this modern material with a classic furnishings material.

In addition to these items, a more traditional occasional table, the Halton Carbon Fiber end table where three wafer thin carbon fiber legs support a round disk of rich macassar ebony, was introduced in Fall 2003.

The designer is quoted as saying "I think of this chair as a modern classic. My original inspiration for the chair and my interest in carbon fiber came from my own McLaren race car. I am especially proud of the high level of craftsmanship and the streamlined beauty this chair possesses. The use of interesting materials and concepts from engineering add an element of excitement and I will continue to use carbon fiber in my designs for the home."

Text/Photos: Polo Ralph Lauren

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