Riva Wooden Boats Meeting

This summer will see the 6th edition of the meeting dedicated to the glorious mahogany speedboats from Italian luxury boat builder Riva. As always, the meeting will give owners the chance to go back to that period when they could rely purely on their knowledge of the sea and above all, the performance of their boats.

This year 25 boats of various models are expected to participate to the meeting, from the historical Aquarama to the Tritone, its ancestor, from the Junior, the “small “ runabout much appreciated by water-skiing lovers, to the Ariston.

The motorboats will be moored inside the Military Dockyard, where in the XII century the naval power of Venetian Maritime Republic was born.

Participants will stay at the Hotel Danieli, one of the most famous hotels in the world that belongs to Starwood’s Luxury Collection. Riva's partner now for many years, Luxury Collection owns some among the best hotels in Italy.

The “Emotions & Delights”, dinner organized by Veuve Clicquot, will take place on the Europa & Regina hotel terrace on the night of 2nd June. Veuve Clicquot will also provide the starting point for a photographic contest for which the crews are intended to take inspiration from its yellow branding.

Audi's “Red and Silver” colours will be dedicated the marine concours. Audi will be giving examples of the brand new Q7 to be used as courtesy cars and for test drives throughout the meeting.

At the end of the event Audi will award the winner, giving him the chance to use an A6 Avant 3000 TDI for four months . The company will offer to those who will come second and third a safety driving course on ice in Finland and Austria.

Text: Classic Driver
Photos: Riva

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