Reventón Versus Tornado

The new Lamborghini Reventón, unveiled at Frankfurt and recently named the ‘World’s Most Beautiful Automobile’ by the L’Automobile più Bella del Mondo judging panel, has taken part in a highly unusual acceleration test at the Ghedi military airport near Brescia. The Reventón challenged a Tornado aircraft [A200-A] to a race on the 3000m-long runway.

In the initial stages of the race, the Reventón took the lead – and it was only in the last few metres that the Tornado caught up, to take off and fly over the Lamborghini that was then travelling at more than 340km/h.

The Ghedi military base was chosen as an ideal environment in which to demonstrate the Reventón’s aeronautical styling. As Lamborghini explains, “the Reventón’s design drew its inspiration from the world’s fastest aircraft in modern aviation. It is from this heritage that the Reventón has drawn its extremely precise, technically impressive style with sharp edges, exact lines and clean surfaces, along with its exclusive new matt grey-green exterior colour.”

Only 20 Lamborghini Reventón road cars will be produced, each priced at one million euros plus taxes. All 20 cars are already sold and will be built and delivered in 2008.

Reventón Versus Tornado Reventón Versus Tornado
Reventón Versus Tornado Reventón Versus Tornado

Text: Charis Whitcombe
Photos: Lamborghini

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