The return of the Jensen Interceptor in 2014

The return of the Jensen Interceptor in 2014

The legendary Jensen Interceptor will make a sensational comeback in 2014, after English automotive firm CPP Holdings was appointed to design and build a reincarnation of the four-seat Grand Tourer.

The original Interceptor was produced between 1966 and 1976, and is considered to be one of the great classics produced by the UK automotive industry, despite never managing to turn a profit for Jensen Motors. Healey Sports Car Switzerland Ltd (HSCS) has the rights to the Jensen name, and has commissioned CPP Holdings (which owns the Spyker brand) to design, develop, engineer and build the new Interceptor.

Production will take place at a new facility on Browns Lane in Coventry, England.

The return of the Jensen Interceptor in 2014 The return of the Jensen Interceptor in 2014

The new car will draw on the lines and proportions of the original, including the long bonnet and panoramic rear window. However, the construction methods and materials will be more advanced, with an all-new aluminium chassis clothed in handcrafted aluminium bodywork. Brendan O’Toole, founder and co-owner of CPP, said: “The Jensen design team has respected and honoured the great heritage and attributes of the original Interceptor, while injecting a contemporary edge and advanced technologies that will ensure it appeals to the passionate, discerning motoring enthusiast of today.”

The official unveiling of the modern-day Interceptor will take place late next year, with the first cars delivered in 2014. Production numbers and prices are yet to be confirmed, but CPP has said that they will be fixed to ensure exclusivity. Expressions of interest can be registered on the website

Text: Joe Breeze
Photos: CPP

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