Reinald Mattes sports clothing

How can you refine even further the interiors of such ‘super’ sports cars as the Carrera GT, Mercedes-Benz SLR, Ferrari Enzo or Lamborghini Murciélago without losing the style of the originals? Reinald Mattes, the founder of Mattes Interieurtechnik can tailor the most exclusive cockpit to the owners exact requirements.

Every detail of how the interior will be customized is discussed in a personal conversation with the customer. There are practically no limits to the colours the customer can choose from, regardless of whether it's the leather or Alcantara that is used, the floor and boot carpeting, or the thread for the stitching: In addition to the extensive colour palettes of the leading manufacturers Mattes Interieurtechnik offers the option to custom-dye its high-quality materials in any desired colour. Just as extensive is the selection of upholstery design in either smooth or gathered surfaces, with square or rhomboid seam patterns.

Reinald Mattes sports clothing Reinald Mattes sports clothing

Naturally the customization of the interior at Mattes also allows accounting for special ergonomics requests. A steering wheel rim with better grip and a rim diameter matched to the driver’s hands are part of the repertoire, as are custom-tailored seats. Tall drivers can find a better and more comfortable seating position with the help of flatter upholstery. Shorter drivers appreciate a higher seating position which can be achieved with thicker seat upholstery. Side bolsters in the seats can be custom-tailored for more lateral support or for more comfort. In addition the seats and seatbacks can be upholstered with Alcantara instead of leather to further reduce sliding of the front occupants in fast corners.

The work of Mattes Interieurtechnik’s is complemented by other integrated accessories that include carbon-fibre trim pieces colour-coordinated to the leather colour and wood veneer paneling in any desired grain, as well as colour-coordinated seatbelts. Mattes Interieurtechnik even includes the boot space in the overall design concept by lining it with the same materials as the interior.

Reinald Mattes sports clothing Reinald Mattes sports clothing

Upon customer request Mattes Interieurtechnik can also integrate state-of-the-art multimedia technology with TV, DVD and computer in the tight confines of the interior of a super sports car. For further information on all aspects of Reinald Mattes' services please visit

Text: Classic Driver
Photos: Reinald Mattes Interieurtechnik

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