Racing Green Cars announce the world’s most perfect reproduction C-Type Jaguar

Almost certainly the most user-friendly and charismatic sports-racing car produced by Jaguar, the C-Type evokes all that was great about the marque and the men who drove them. Typified by Duncan Hamilton‘s win in the 1953 Le Mans 24-Hour race, the Jaguar C-Type (or XK 120C as it was known) was a world-beating sports-car combining durability with extreme elegance.

Only 53 were produced - in varying specifications - and to acquire one, if you can find one, will set you back £600,000……… least.

Racing Green Cars is able, now, to supply you with the world’s most perfect reproduction C-Type - almost indistinguishable from the original - and at a fraction of the price. Accuracy to the original and perfection of build will enable you to experience ‘the real thing‘, giving you pride of ownership in the knowledge that only four will be manufactured in a year.

This car is a work of art, hand-built for the few and for whom sheer perfection is the only option…………….


Fully round-tubed chassis frame, correct torsion bar suspension, accurate aluminium panel work, perfect driver`s compartment and a plethora of specially made components - almost indistinguishable from original - make the RG C-Type an absolute joy to own.

Specially made engine sump, Dunlop calipers, Plessey brake pump and aluminium rimmed wire wheels, to name but a few bespoke components, all combine to set the RG C-Type apart from the rest.

The RG C-Type Jaguar is a fully viable, very quick, road and track car - with 210 bhp at the wheels in only 945 Kg. With room enough for you and your passenger - and your ‘squashy‘ bags - you can take that week-end away in true style. Or take it to a track day for maximum enjoyment.

EngineXK dohc 3.4XK dohc 3.4XK dohc 3.4
CarburettorsTwin Sandcast 2" SUTriple Weber 45 DCOETriple Weber 45 DCOE
Est. bhp140 at wheels210 at wheels230 at wheels
Final Drive3.543.77wide choice
Differentialstandardlimited sliplimited slip
0 - 60 mph7.0 Secs6.0 secs5.6 secs
Standing 1/4 m15.5 secs13.0 secs12.3 secs
Top Speed140 mph145 mph155 mph
PRICES FROM:£85,000£110,000£135,000


Chassis frame: Full tubular chassis fabricated exactly as original and finished in silver epoxy for maximum durability. Standard or Lightweight frames available.

Body: 16 or 18 gauge aluminium, hand formed to perfection from factory drawings. Painted to the colour of your choice.

Interior: C Type aluminium bucket seats perfectly trimmed in Conolly leather, full C Type instrumentation including 160mph speedo and 6500 rpm tacho, all exactly as original. Choice of single or full width C Type windscreens, with or without aero screens.

Front suspension: Exactly as original, fully independent with adjustable torsion bars and KONI adjustable shock absorbers. Torsion bars and adjusters, lower control arms, and anti roll bar all cast and manufactured to replicate the original.

Rear suspension: Exactly as original with specially fabricated lower arms, panhard rod, top link and adjustable torsion bar. KONI adjustable shock absorbers.

Steering: Rack and pinion steering, cast and manufactured to replicate the original exactly. Blumel 17in steering wheel as original, adjustable for reach and column adjustable for height.

Brakes: 12in drums front and rear with tandem master cylinder, all as original. Handmade aluminium rimmed 16in wire wheels and 6.00 x 16 Dunlop racing tyres. Optionally: Discs brakes all round (‘53 Le Mans spec) with correct Dunlop calipers and – optional -Plessey pump.)

Engine: 3.4 litre XK Jaguar 6 cylinder, fully balanced and blueprinted with factory C Type modifications including 9.0:1 compression, C Type camshafts, modified camcover with breather provision and 2in sandcast carburettors with cold air box, developing approximately 140hp at the wheels. Optionally: Triple Weber side draught carburettors (`53 Le Mans specification) developing approximately 210 bhp at the wheels. The sump and exhaust manifolds are cast as original and the exhaust system is fabricated to original specification but in stainless steel. Correct fabricated exhaust manifolds come with the Weber engine.

Gearbox: Moss 4 speed gearbox with specially cast gearbox top and fabricated shift rods as original. Lightened flywheel and a 9in Borg & Beck diaphragm clutch is fitted for easier operation than the original.

Differential: Salisbury differential shortened and modified to C Type specification with any choice of ratio (usually 3.54) and new billet axles.

Miscellaneous: 40 gallon fuel tank fabricated exactly as original, twin square bodied SU fuel pumps, radiator exactly as original, all Lucas electrics throughout with cotton braided wiring loom, all exactly as original.

  • Disc brakes (1) . Basic system consists of front 6 piston calipers, rear 4 piston calipers, handbrake calipers, 4 disc rotors, 4 caliper mounting brackets, brake hoses and handbrake cable brackets. These components are exact replications of the original works 1953 Dunlop components.
  • Disc brakes (2). As above but includes the 1953 works hydraulic assistance system comprising a specially cast gearbox extension, Plessey pump, aluminium pressure reservoir, distribution block, piping and hoses and new master cylinder. This is a 100% correct braking system as used on the 3 works 1953 Le Mans cars and then D Types.
  • Triple 45DCOE Weber carburettors on exact replica works “lightweight” Weber inlet manifold. Includes correct water rail, air box, and modified inner guard and bonnet scoop, all as per a works 1953 Le Mans car. Exact 40DCO webers are also available.
  • Cylinder head modifications to replicate those performed by the factory for the 1953 Le Mans race. 1 7/8 inlet valves and 1 5/8 exhaust valves, extensive porting and works camshafts. Designed to enhance the torquey nature of the XK engine, to idle smoothly and accelerate cleanly and very strongly to 5500 rpm.
  • Aluminium radiator, exact replica of the works 1953 Le Mans radiator, big weight saving and improved cooling capabilities.
  • Aluminium fuel tank, made to the same exact dimensions as the original but in aluminium for a big weight saving.
  • Fabricated exhaust manifolds, as per a works 1953 Le Mans car (standard cars use heavier cast manifolds)
  • .
  • Twin breather camcovers, as per the 1953 Le Mans cars.
  • Limited slip differential (never fitted by the factory, but a good thing with a high horsepower engine).
  • Mohair tonneau cover.
  • Various windscreen and aeroscreen options as used by Jaguar.
  • 1951 Le Mans works car with features including twin doors, “letterbox” side bonnet louvres, triangular top bonnet louvres, steel bulkhead, drilled chassis members, early differential locating. Full detailed specifications available on request.
  • Semi 1953 Le Mans replica. Our most popular model with unassisted disc brakes, 45DCOE webers, cylinder head modifications, hand made exhaust, aluminium radiator and fuel tank, second generation rear suspension with single top link & Panhard rod, bonnet scoop and rear body ribbing.
  • Full 1953 Le Mans works “lightweight” car. Includes thinner gauge tube chassis with the factory modifications. Body modifications include rear body strengthening ribbing for fuel cell modifications and the bonnet scoop for Webers. Mechanically, Webers, disc brakes with Plessey Pump assistance, fuel cell, alloy radiator, 4 link rear suspension and a host of smaller improvements. 50 kg lighter than a production C Type and with 50% more power, this is the ultimate! Full detailed specifications available on request.
  • Available from;

    Station Road West,
    Ash Vale,
    Hampshire, GU12 5QD

    Contact Peter Hugo on:
    +44(0)1252 544888 or Mobile: +44(0)7831 164460
    Or mail; [email protected]

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