Porsche Panamera: The Countdown Begins

The Stuttgart company’s eagerly awaited four-door can now be seen in all its glory. Well, the nose and headlight treatment has been revealed, at any rate, in the first part of Porsche’s carefully orchestrated launch campaign.

Taking a leaf out of Ferrari’s book, Porsche has created a bespoke website for potential purchasers, www.porsche.com/panamera. This will be the main source of information on the new car, a 4wd, four-door coupé with either V6 or V8 petrol motors from the Cayenne.

The sneak preview photo shows a classic, 21st Century Porsche nose and headlamp treatment with significant echoes of all current models and - to my eyes - the Carrera GT supercar.

October 20 should be the next date in your diary: it’s when the print advertising campaign commences for the new car which will be available next summer.

Text: Steve Wakefield
Photos: Porsche

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