Porsche Classic Navi-Radio: You have reached your destination

It’s a dilemma for classic car owners: do you replace your car stereo with a new one which illuminates the interior like a fortune-teller’s booth, or do you stick with the original, aesthetically harmonious unit and its lack of modern practicality? Well, maybe Porsche has the answer.

If you’re happy to navigate the old-fashioned way and don’t have a problem storing your music collection on numerous cassettes, you’re one of the lucky ones – but the majority of us appreciate the convenience of sat-nav and the sound quality of CDs and MP3 files.

It’s fortunate, then, that Porsche has created the ‘Classic Radio Navigation System’, an up-to-date unit that has all of today’s must-have features, but won’t look out of place in a 964-series 911.

The device sports a 3.5-inch, TFT-LCD touchscreen and can read media from CDs, DVDs, MP3 players or an SD card. Adding safety to the list of benefits on offer, the new unit's Bluetooth can be used to make hands-free telephone calls on the move. And for those who like their entertainment a little more traditional, an AM/FM radio is also present.

The Porsche Classic Radio Navigation System costs £590.00, with a TMC-equipped (Traffic Message Channel) version available at £650.00. For further details, visit www.porsche.com.

Text: Joe Breeze
Photo: Porsche