Porsche 911: The generation gap, 'G' meets '991'

How times have changed. In 1973 Porsche introduced the infamous G-series ‘rubber bumper’ 911 to meet new US safety regulations. Now, five generations of 911 later, the company is celebrating the earlier car alongside the very latest 911.

The two were photographed side-by-side at Laguna Seca recently, the location for the recent Rennsport Reunion IV.

California, handily, was chosen as the launch venue for the latest 991-series 911, so the Stuttgart company (so successful in North America) used the opportunity for some classy photography that mixed old with new.

And, lest you wrinkle a nose at the G-series' clunky extremities, don’t forget, without strong 911 sales in America during a difficult period in the late 80s/early 90s, Porsche might not be in the healthy state it is today.

Text: Classic Driver
Photos: Marc Urbano